Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cane Toad World


Gordonvale is the epicentre of the cane toad problemo in Australia, yes it started here in the heart of sugar cane country. The cane toads were released from a site not far from the town centre and have been on the move since, now residents of Western Australia  and NSW.

Here is a 'kids playground' called 'cane toad world' in Gordo, with slides and sand, toads and a snake, its....... wonderfully weird, right there in the town centre....opposite the sugar mill.

A kids play ground..... a tourist attraction.......a information board. Is this an example of turning a negative event into a positive, by making cane toad's 'fun' rather than destructive. I personally think it is a bit spooky and creepy, it is a very weird play ground.

Monday, December 03, 2012

The mango cloud


Hanging over the yard in the evening, the mango cloud lays out the sky with its vast silhouette of fecundity.

Light does not enter here, only bats crashing and smashing into the melting fruit who, having surrendered their stealth to shadowy hungers fall within its realm.

From within, mango screams echo, mango battles rage, mango's dreams fall. 

Falling mango rain down, mango drunk bats flee. A snatch, a grab, a daring get away, a clumsy rush to flight, mango drunk bats fly, mango's fall from the sky.

The battle of mango cloud continues tonight.