Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Avro 707 WD280

This amazing plane now part of the RAAF aircraft musem Point Cook was a never ending source of mystery and intrigue when I was a kid.
The Avro 707 WD280 or the 'Mini Vulcan' in this pic being hoisted from its Williamstown hangout was a feature of Mr Geoffrey Mallett's garden until it was obtained by the RAAF Museum in 1999. 
With a plane modelling mate (C.P)  I spent many a day trying to hunt down this amazing V wing jet by  peeking over backyards fences throughout 'Willi' all the while re-fuelling on Big M to keep us in action on the BMX. 
Until I saw this pic I had given up, believing it to be no more than a urban myth.
Myth Busted!!
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Friday, July 06, 2012

Dante's particle accelerator-crash-boom-poow


Smaller than an atom..........boom, chaos, colour, crash, dante, dude riding the yellow flipped over particle/-car is ok, fun, higgs boson, particle, play, poow, red particle is chasing the orange, could be a simulation of samsara, the black van thinks it is the God particle and the 'Hazard boys' have left the scene/