Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cane Toad World


Gordonvale is the epicentre of the cane toad problemo in Australia, yes it started here in the heart of sugar cane country. The cane toads were released from a site not far from the town centre and have been on the move since, now residents of Western Australia  and NSW.

Here is a 'kids playground' called 'cane toad world' in Gordo, with slides and sand, toads and a snake, its....... wonderfully weird, right there in the town centre....opposite the sugar mill.

A kids play ground..... a tourist attraction.......a information board. Is this an example of turning a negative event into a positive, by making cane toad's 'fun' rather than destructive. I personally think it is a bit spooky and creepy, it is a very weird play ground.

Monday, December 03, 2012

The mango cloud


Hanging over the yard in the evening, the mango cloud lays out the sky with its vast silhouette of fecundity.

Light does not enter here, only bats crashing and smashing into the melting fruit who, having surrendered their stealth to shadowy hungers fall within its realm.

From within, mango screams echo, mango battles rage, mango's dreams fall. 

Falling mango rain down, mango drunk bats flee. A snatch, a grab, a daring get away, a clumsy rush to flight, mango drunk bats fly, mango's fall from the sky.

The battle of mango cloud continues tonight.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Los Caprichos

12 October - 6 January
Cairns Regional Gallery

An exhibition curated from the Albury City Collection

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Damn Damn IT


Damn Damn it, Beethoven has closed while I have been doing other things........I am so glad I indulged in their yummy cakes while I had the chance......tasty memories.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

The season is now done


The cane has been cut. 
Yes, the cane has been cut 
and the mill is now shut. 
The season is now done, 
with no more cane trains to run.

Reading the Lorax last night 
Dante said,
cutting Truffula trees is like cutting cane,
and that the Lorax has gone, 
gone far far away.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Crocodile dreaming


In the middle of the cane fields where the paper bark forests and swamp once were is Green Hill, or  the eye of Crocodile Dreaming, yes there just floating above the surface, the eye of the crocodile, looking and listening, sensing  and observing, quietly while we all float on the surface of our life with our material concerns. 

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Bush doll


From Maningrida days teaching in Arnhem Land, this is Sylvia Campion's natural fibre 'bush doll' hanging out on the couch in between wall hangs thats still speaking to its purpose.

This doll takes me back to those fun days of scratching around inside Maningrida Arts looking for the dolls, bush toys and the one off random experiments that were made with a direct necessity of purpose but sit waiting and often overlooked by collectors.

Check out Maningrida Art and Culture

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

can you give me my little skull?


In the words of Ricardo Dakota and his philosophies on life and the spirit, these words come to mind....

'It's so hard to ween yourself off thinking, but when the special exam comes you will not need any of this, not even your skull. Of course the exam, what is this exam? The nuts and bolts of this exam are a mystery, but the answer is the same regardless of the test, or the type of test or the questions we face.  There are so many extensive examinations of how this process works,but it all comes to this.....our bodies and our bones will be occupied by the hollow men, and that the true exam will reveal its disguise when we are ready to open the door to the spirit's sweet knowledge and experience of life .'

...............Knock Knock............


as they say in Spanish

¿me da mi calaverita? 

"can you give me my little skull?"