Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The secret invasion

When my old man was a young strapping fella, frollicking in the summers of post war Yugoslavia he came upon a movie being made in Dubrovnik in 1963. So he decided to make a 'few dollars more', and he became an extra in the action film 'The Secret Invasion'. The basic concept of the story is not that dis-similar to 'Escape from New York', but is clearly set in Yugoslavia during the war years. If you have seen Kurt Russell as 'Snake Plissken' escaping the baddies of derelict New York you'll know at a flash what the pics about....hence the title.

Dad's inner actor......is a Barman, which is quiet comical for his lack of a need to drink. Yet thirsty for fun and adventure his acting prowess hit the the big screen in a lip sinked action scene as he takes on the main actor whose character has fallen into a drunk and irate state, played by Stewart Granger. Dad's inner Barman evicts Granger from the bar and throws him out the door .....good on you Dad. I'm chuffed.....yes its not a Deadwood appearance.....but my dad is the sweet side of Swearingen.

I'm chasing a copy of the flick, so if you find one please post it on.

The best I have done Dad, in terms of acting is dress up as an Egyptian Slave and pull a Tram kitted up as a Sphinx, whilst being whipped into action for the Moomba Parade......a bit kinky......but I guess I kept following that track and I am now married to a Pharaoh........all paths lead to dreams.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hammerhead snack


Baba pulled up with a bit of serious snoopy work with a strange taste hanging out of her mouth.
Proudly dangling in her teeth was a baby Hammerhead, though at first glance it looked like a pipe,  and thus had me thinking of Magrittes Vache period.........good hunting Baba.

Thursday, August 18, 2011



I asked Trace to peek at this picture and tell me what artist came to mind. She said Ed Ruscha in silhouette.
I see Talitha Kennedy's leather works hanging in the silhouettes.
What artist do you see?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fairy Martins


 Out side Pie-liscious in Gordo a pair of Fairy Martin's  keep a snappy eye on the passing trade.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Random air buzzz


Surreal moment this afternoon. Finally got to catch up with 'Hector', the very big Short Belfast of Heavy Lift Cargo which Trace and I saw years ago weighted and heavy flying out of Broome.  There was only ten of these planes made and this fella is one of two still in existence. As I got out of the car to grab this pick of Hector, the sky suddenly filled with a star burst of zim zum turbo props......Yes  PC9's of the RAAF Roulette's aerobatic display team had just dropped in from the Mareeba airshow and were doing their landing routine. Nice little random air buzz.

**********Happy birthday Bro

Monday, August 08, 2011

Drawing flight


Not many artists choose to see the landscape from beneath the wings of a Hang Glider and then make pictures of the flying scavenger hunt they have just experienced. I came upon Peter Lanyon years ago at a time when I was learning to fly Hang Gliders up around Bright. 

His drawing and painting travel beautifully into the zone.  Peter lifts the memory of flight into the materials of earth that he briefly sort to escape, imbuing the works with gutsy sketch's of dare along with an earthy warmth. 

Peter's work reminds me of my own moments in this bird like space, looking and feeling into the sensation of flight, closing my eyes and taking the hands off the control bar, of being introduced into the stillness of the void, then opening ones eyes into the vast vertigo of breath, sky around, earth far below, as if by magic being suspended in the infinite, dancing in the air, looking for a way to remain for ever aloft, curious to the invisible ways that guide, as if I too where a gesture on a page.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Cookie Cutters


Cookie Cutters from the Gordo Op Shop ..... dug this green fella and his crew up from the 20c scratch box. Love that scratch box, love scratch'n for them bargains.